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School Enrollment Down In Upstate NY Districts

Here's a shocking statistic about school enrollment in Upstate NY. 95% of upstate school districts are teaching fewer students than they did five years ago; according to a report from Business First.
It's not so good news for upstate New York.
428 out of the 453 school districts are suffering enrollment declines.
Several local school districts made the list.
The report named Rochester as the 2nd school district in the state seeing the sharpest drop.
Buffalo came in first.
Spencerport, Brockport,and Greece also saw declines.
Jody Siegle, with the The Monroe County School Board Association says there are a few reasons for the decline.
"The baby boomers are being really slow about becoming parents, they are taking their time compared to previous generations and there are a lot of them."
Siegle also says we're not in an area that is seeing a lot of immigration and immigration would bring in additional children.

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