Schroeder, Wilson Play 1st Ever Tuesday Night Football

Schroeder, Wilson Play 1st Ever Tuesday Night Football

Schedule snafu allows schools to make Section V history
Webster Schroeder and Wilson made Section Five football history Tuesday night just by showing up.

Both coaches weren't afraid to say it's history they really didn't want to make.

For the first time in Section Five history, there was a football game on Tuesday. Schroeder hosted Wilson in a game made necessary by a scheduling snafu.

Schroeder's schedule had an opening in Week 4. Wilson's free date was Week 3. There was no way to rectify the issue without rippling problems across every schedule in Section Five. The most reasonable solution was to split the difference.

Four days after a 31-8 win over Gates-Chili, the Warriors will tee it up again vs. Wilson. Four days after that, the Wildcats play a key RCAC game against McQuaid on Saturday afternoon.

"I thought it was a mistake," said Schroeder head coach Kali Watkins.

"Even just last week, my video guy was asking 'So, it's Tuesday... right?'," said Wilson head coach Greg Mortier.

The players had their own issues. "I told my mom to make sure to take off from work so she could be there," said Wilson running back Anthony Monroe.

"My family was planning to come up and watch the game," said Schroeder receiver Brett Zilliox. "But, they didn't see a schedule." Zilliox says his family wasn't able to attend on Tuesday and will have to find a different weekend to see a game.

Both coaches said getting their teams ready on a short week is a headache. "With the kids, we're just getting ready for Schroeder," said Mortier. "But we coaches are also getting ready for McQuaid because no matter what happens (Tuesday night), we still have another game to play on Saturday. It's not fun."

Watkins was concerned about the physical condition of his team, playing four days after a rough contest with Gates-Chili. "Mentally they're prepared," Watkins said. "But, physically if I said they were ready, it would be a lie. We went easy on them the last couple days. Practice focused mostly on the shoulders up."

The contest will match two of Section Five's better teams. Wilson comes in at 2-0 and Schroeder is 2-1 with their only loss against powerhouse Pittsford.
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