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Schumer Fighting To Bring Jobs To Ontario Co.

There is a fight to boost jobs in Ontario County.
There is a fight to boost jobs in Ontario County.

Senator Chuck Schumer urged the Commerce Department to approve two critical foreign trade zone applications. The move would add at least 25 new jobs in the next three years at Crosman Corporation in Bloomfield. Schumer says delays in the approvals threaten Crosman's ability to bring back production and assembly work that is now being done in China.

"Manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S. and is coming back to upstate New York. It's in good part to our labor. Rochester has one of the best labor groups around. The hardworking people, the educated people, the people who care, people who are loyal to a company when they work for the company, that's a Hallmark of our Rochester labor market," he said.

Schumer says Ontario County's application includes bringing in jobs for five other local counties. 

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