Senecas Exploring Casino in Henrietta

Senecas Exploring Casino in Henrietta

A location has not been identified.
The Seneca nation announced it is partnering with Rochester developer David Flaum to potentially open a casino in Henrietta. The location of the casino has not been identified.

It is a move that took many people by surprise. The Senecas have several casinos in Western New York, but none in the Rochester area. Some love the thought of a casino in Henrietta. Others not so much.

"[It is] something for us older adults to do. Try to win a little money," Theodis Love said.

"Gambling is a bad idea to begin with but I also realize people are going to do it no matter what, so they are going to do it someplace here, so they might as well do it here and create some jobs," Frank Lapana said.

The Senecas have the exclusive right to operate casinos west of Route 14. Developer David Flaum says he is "profoundly grateful" for this opportunity and looks forward to working with the Seneca Nation. But Mayor Tom Richards says people shouldn't get too excited just yet because its a long process. He's just happy the Senecas did not choose downtown.

"When you put a casino there, if you put a decent one, one that is of good size and substance, you change to character of the place. That may be good. Maybe the character you are looking for, but it's clearly different. And I don't think that's what we want to do in our downtown. We are committed to another process," Richards said.

News 8 broke the news to Henrietta Town Supervisor Michael Yudelson and he was shocked.

"We would be very very cautious. We are going to have to get with our town attorney," he said over the phone.

Now whether the move happens or not, locals will just have to wait and see.

"I love it. Nice and close for me to get to. Like I said, bring some people out of the city out to the suburbs, try their luck," Love said.

In order for the casino to open in Henrietta, the Senecas would have to get the okay from the state and federal government.

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