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Services at Flooded Charles Settlement House Impacted

Services impacted at flooded Charles Settlement House. Temporary change in location so that services can resume for seniors Wednesday.

Less than a week after a flood damaged much of the Charles Settlement House on Parkway Street, hundreds remain without services.   The Charles Settlement House helps some of the most vulnerable residents in the city, on the northwest side.

It's been a tough week at the house.  Three of the four floors are torn up, unusable, after a pipe burst sending water rushing in.   Those who rely on services the house provides have been uprooted.  Some programs have come to a temporary halt.    Drying out after flooding destroyed three quarters of this building.  The Charles Settlement House is where seniors, many of them developmentally challenged, go to feel a sense of belonging.

"A lot of it was emotional. We were able to provide meals if they needed them by going to their homes and bringing them food. But a lot of the dependent come into our program just for meeting with their peers.  Just somewhere to go.  And it's just someone knowing that they're still able to get out of the house," said Roseann Lackey, Program Manager.

Roseann salvaged as many of the seniors projects as she could from the flood, including this quilt, plants the elderly care for, and pictures, years of precious memories.
Upstairs, the third floor was spared.  Still, no services for the after school tutoring program that takes  place here.  Getting to the Notre Dame Learning Center is too risky.

"We don't want to put any of the children in danger.  They don't start until the afternoon, but they do use the elevator and we don't want anything to happen," said Sister Evelyn Breslin, Notre Dame Learning Center.

Damage is estimated be to be at least $500,000 and counting. 
 For a house that relies largely on donations to operate, an anonymous card that arrived in the mail with money inside was a welcome surprise.

"I think Rochester steps up and it's a great example.  I'm amazed at how many phonecalls, emails that I've received or our staff has received from people wanting to help," said Scott Benjamin, Charles Settlement House President.

The seniors went without services for four days.  Beginning Wednesday,  programs will resume at the Edgerton Community Center.  Another example of Rochester pitching in, in time of need.

If you would like to donate to the Charles Settlement House you may do so by sending a donation to:
Charles Settlement House
71 Parkway Street
Rochester, NY, 14608
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