Sheppard Discusses Arrest Video, His Future

Sheppard Discusses Arrest Video, His Future

The police chief sat down with Rachel Barnhart to talk about the video that has divided the community and what happens if a new mayor is elected.
Rochester Police Chief Jim Sheppard sat down with News 8 to discuss the use of force against a woman who said she was pregnant. The incident was captured on a video that has gone viral. The woman, Brenda Hardaway, allegedly threatened police with pepper spray and tried to interfere with the arrest of her brother.

Sheppard said he watched the video at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. He said he was disturbed until he learned more about the situation. He said the officer used a number of tactics to try and get Hardaway in handcuffs.

When asked if the officer did a good job, Sheppard said, "Obviously he didn't do a good job. One thing I noticed, the tape is about five minutes long and during that time he's trying to secure her arms and put the handcuffs on. We train our people to deal with three types of people: People who are yes people, people who are maybe people and people who are no people. She definitely was a no person."

As for the woman yelling out she is pregnant, the chief said, "He altered his tactics for an extended period of time...what is disheartening is the fact she didn't comply...she was a powerful girl and she was able to drag him around and push him around and do what she wanted to do."

Sheppard said he has not had conversations with the candidates for mayor about his future. "My focus has been on doing the job and doing the best I can and let that be the determination of whether I'm employed or not."

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