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Sheriff O'Flynn Could Get $37,300 Raise

Proposed 2014 county budget includes hike.
Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn would get a significant raise under the county's proposed 2014 budget. His salary would go from $136,700 to $174,000. 

In late 2011, the county pegged the Sheriff's 2012 salary to the District Attorney, whose salary is set by the state. O'Flynn received a $13,000 pay hike for the 2012 budget year. At the time, O'Flynn said the raise is an "issue of fairness" and the position hadn't seen a raise in a dozen years.  
O'Flynn's salary wasn't on par with the District Attorney in 2013. Sandra Doorley earns $160,000. Her salary is scheduled to go up to $174,000 in 2014.

"The sheriff, as part of his budget, requested to be in parity with the District Attorney," said county spokesman Justin Feasel. 

The raise still has to be approved by the county legislature.

In a press release, Democratic Legislator Michael Patterson said, "“Sheriff O’Flynn is already one of the highest paid sheriffs in New York State. This County is balancing its budget by laying off staff and eliminating staff positions.  We are reducing the number of families that will receive child care assistance, and we claim that we still can’t afford to bury our indigent dead.  But we have plenty of money to put in the Sheriff’s pocket?  The Sheriff really needs to justify his proposed raise during the Ways & Means Committee meeting.”

Feaseal referred News 8 to the Sheriff's spokesman for more information. We have not immediately heard back and will update this story as needed.
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