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Shutdown Lifts, Senior Citizens Impacted

Day 16 of the Federal Shutdown ends in a compromise.
Day 16 of the Federal Shutdown ends in a compromise.
With just hours to go before the United States can't borrow anymore money to pay its' bills, Congress has ended its' budget stalemate.
Senators have a deal to raise the debt limit and re-open the government, now it's waiting for a vote.
The deal to end the shutdown couldn't come soon enough for many workers and people who rely on government aid.
Pearl Wright pays about $1000 a month between rent and bills.
She hasn't been able to make those payments since the shutdown delayed her social security check.
She hasn't received her food stamps since the shutdown and has no where to turn.
Wright has been pinching pennies hoping to make due, but it's been weighing heavily on her.
Merlyn Hann is another senior citizen, he says he still receives his pension and social security checks, but wants the government to come together with a permanent solution.
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