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Ski-Lay Fundraiser for Veterans

Local highschoolers will be holding a ski fundraiser at Bristol Mountain for OASIS, which is an organization geared toward helping veterans.
This Friday night, dozens of people will be coming out to Bristol Mountain and participating in a "ski-lay," and it's all thanks to two Pittsford Sutherland HS.

Jared Whitaker and Drew Reddish are only in their junior year of high school, but they're already co-founders of their own organization - SSWISH, which stands for Skiers and Snowboarders Wish to Make a Difference.

"Jared and I have always kind of been interested in helping veterans in some way, but we're like, 'we're teenagers, what can we really do?', so we decided to target something that we love, skiing," says Drew Reddish, who co-founded SSWISH with Jared Whitaker. "So we looked into OASIS because we realized skiing can be a positive challenge to veterans to help them recover."

Beth DeFranco knows the importance of veterans being outside and active.

"We like to get them out for sports," explains DeFranco, who is the OASIS Snowsports Coordinator. "We find that we the four walls of their house close in, we get them outside, we find that outdoor activities help heal the vets and their families."

The "ski-lay," or relay on snow, is a family-friendly event with teams of 4-6 skiers out on the slopes, some even in costume, raising money for a good cause.

There will be free food from Dinosaur BBQ and Jeremiah's Tavern, as well as prizes for most creative costume, and most donations raised.

The event takes place on Friday from 4-9PM with registration at 3.

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