Slaughter Concerned About Workplace Wellness Plans & Privacy

Slaughter Concerned About Workplace Wellness Plans & Privacy

Sent letter to EEOC asking for rules.
Rep. Louise Slaughter is concerned about company wellness programs that ask employees for private health data.

Slaughter sent a letter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission asking for rules to be put in place for these wellness programs. She wants to make sure worker health data cannot be used to discriminate against them.

Slaughter wrote wellness program data "can be used for discrimination, either by setting insurance rates or targeting individuals for specific plans, and that cannot be permitted."

Penn State recently dropped a plan that would have assessed monetary penalties against workers who did not fill out a detailed questionnaire about their health. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, companies can offer workers incentives for taking part in wellness plans. 

Slaughter is the author of the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act. Employers and health insurers cannot use a person's genetic data against them.

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