Sneak Peek At Remodeling At Golisano Children's Hospital

Sneak Peek At Remodeling At Golisano Children's Hospital

The new hospital will make patients and their families feel more at home.
The new Golisano Children's Hospital will make patients and their families feel more at home. The biggest change will be private rooms for newborns and older kids. 

Jackie Klube's family knows Golisano Children's Hospital too well. In 2002, her four-month-old daughter Ali had open heart surgery.

"I was mad. I was angry. I was scared. I was constantly asking why my child," she said.

Since then, Jackie has made it her mission to raise funds for the new Golisano Children's Hospital.

"They were not only there for Ali and to help her with her experience, but at the times when I had my emotional breakdowns and my husband was having a hard time, they were there for us," she said.

Jackie got a sneak peak at some mock-up rooms for the new hospital. They are larger and offer more privacy. Every room is divided into three zones- one for the caregiver, one for the patient and one for the family.

"Each child feels like they have ownership of their own space," Dr. Nina Schor said. "Light boxes and shelves that they can decorate with things that they bring from home; so pictures of friends, pictures of family." 

Right now up to six newborns share a pod in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. In the hospital, each baby has their own room.

"We pretend right now. We pull a curtain. We make the people on the other side of the curtain can't hear anything. That's pretty far from the case," Dr. Schor said.

Each floor is decorated by a theme that features landscapes of upstate New York.

"The lake floor is on the bottom and the mountains are on the top and in the middle. We have parks and meadows and gorges," Dr. Schor said.

"The day that my husband and I walked out of the hospital with our daughter and her healthy little heart, we made a promise that day that we were going to do whatever we could do in the future to help make a difference," Jackie said.

Jackie's family has already raise more than $165,000 and plan to name a room in Ali's honor. The new hospital costs $145 million. About $18 million is still needed. Work will be done in 2015. 
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