SUNY Brockport Remembers Alex Kogut: One Year Later

SUNY Brockport Remembers Alex Kogut: One Year Later

Students and staff gather to remember Alex Kogut, a freshman student murdered in her dorm.
 It was a murder that shook a school community and Monroe County.

One year later, the community that experienced so much heartache is trying to heal and become stronger.

SUNY Brockport freshman Alex Kogut was killed in her dorm room in September 2012.

Her boyfriend is charged with her murder.

Through the darkness, hundreds gathered outside the SUNY Brockport dorm which one year ago was the site of so much pain.

They held a remembrance ceremony on Sunday evening.

"We think of a year as a long time but it's not when you think of your life," said Heather Ryan, Alex's resident advisor.

Some of that pain has begun to fade as Alex Kogut's friends and classmates remember her life.

"I think being able to honor Alex for her life through this has been helpful for people, being able to share our stories with each other," said Ryan.

Gorgeous. Memorable. Happy. Always happy.

That's what her friends shared with the world this evening.

"I want them to remember Alex as a happy, hardworking girl she would never give up on anything," said Samantha Turner, a friend.

One by one, they walked in silence to Alex's favorite spot on campus: the pool.

"Everything we planned is unique and has meaning toward her an style campus," said Heather Ryan.

The pool is a place of tranquility.

"The pool represents her and her being in the pool and they will light up the whole pool knowing her spirit is there and lighting us up," said Samantha Turner.

They cried when needed. They shared hugs and also words of advice for those looking in.

"I just want people to walk away and realize this is a problem - - domestic violence. And I want people to realize it's important and you need to do something about," said Turner.

Alex's friends say it's been a tough week. A tough year.

"Difficult but we will get through it," said Turner.

Because even through the darkness.

"I think that she would live it and tonight she is here with us and there is always a big smile on her face and I bet she is still smiling," said Turner.

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