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Target Dealing With Customer Credit Card Hack

It is a holiday shopper's worst nightmare.
It's a holiday shopper's worst nightmare

"I wait until the last minute to shop and try to get the last best deals," said Joe Paratore.

Target shoppers beware. You could be a victim of a nationwide security breach. Target said the credit card data of 40 million customers may have been stolen. Shoppers are now worried.

"With more people out now, it makes people feel more vulnerable," said Marsha White.

"It's a bad time for most people and they probably only have very short amounts of cash at this time of year to begin with and using their credit card more often and they probably want to use the credit card, but they might be afraid to now," said Lucy Angelo.

Anyone who shopped in a Target store between November 27 and December 15 could be affected. That includes Black Friday shoppers. Some locals lucked out and used cash.

"I use cash because it's safer...of course," said Younis Ofuku.

Others say this security breach is why they always double check their bank statements.

"My husband is very careful about our charge accounts and checking over our charge accounts so I am sure he would pick up on anything that didn't look right," said White.

"I look online after doing my purchases whether it's on my debit card or credit card. That type of thing just to make sure it's registered in and the correct amount," said Angelo.

In the meantime, the New York Attorney General's office is taking action.

"We asked them to provide one year of a free credit monitoring service to any New Yorker whose at risk to ensure that their accounts are protected as soon as there is suspicious activity, any New York consumer who might be affected is notified," said Eric Schneiderman.

As for Target, the retail giant says the problem is resolved and you can continue paying with plastic.

It's not clear how the hackers stole the data. The security breach has now been fixed. Target is working with law enforcement to find the people responsible.
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