Students Protest Arrests While Waiting for Bus

Students Protest Arrests While Waiting for Bus

Three teens arrested on disorderly conduct charges while waiting for a school bus Wednesday. Police say they asked the students to leave and they did not.

Rochester police arrested three Edison Tech basketball players Wednesday morning on disorderly conduct charges.  They were waiting for a school bus downtown to take them to a scrimmage against Aquinas.  The teens and say they did nothing wrong.

In a statement, the Rochester Police Department says the young men were asked to move several times but didn't. This is an area downtown where businesses have complained of loitering and fights.  The teens are home tonight after posting $200.00 bail.   Their mothers want the charges dropped.

Raliek Redd, 16, a sophomore at Edison Tech and two of his teammates say they were waiting for a school bus this morning on a corner downtown. There were 16 players waiting on the corner for the bus scheduled by their coach. That's when a Rochester police officer told them they were loitering.

"The cop just came over there.  He told us to move. Then we was walking away and he turned, we turned around and he arrested all of us," said Raliek Redd, Rochester.

Redd, Deaquon Carelock, 16, and senior Wan'tauhjs Weathers, 17 are charged with disorderly conduct.   They were arrested and booked.

"I feel it's unfair.  Like, we weren't doing nothing.  We're just regular kids trying to get to our game.  Like we not doing nothing wrong, we're not harrassing nobody.  We're not causing no trouble, no nothing," said Wan'tauhjs.

Raliek's mother, Crystal Chapman, says their coach watched it all.  When he tried to intervene, the coach says he was threatened with arrest.  Coach Jabob Scott verifies the players' account. Chapman will fight the charges until they're dismissed.

"I'm really upset and I don't plan to let it go.  At all. Because, these boys wasn't doing anything," said Crystal Chapman.

Wan'tauhjs's mom is angry too.

"I think he seen a group of young black men and kind of stereotyped them for loitering, looking for trouble.  He didn't take the time to speak to nobody of authority to see if they were actually telling the truth or if that what was going on," said Tynicia Weathers.

Rochester School Superintendent Bolgen Vargas reached out to the parents.  He says he's looking into the matter.

The Rochester Police Department says the boys were told to move because they were blocking an entrance to the business and traffic on the sidewalk.

Their coach tells me they're good kids. A judge will decide what happens.  All three are due in court Friday.

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