Three Years Later: Vasconcellos Murder Remains Unsolved

Three Years Later: Vasconcellos Murder Remains Unsolved

The Vasconcellos family continues to look for answers.
 Paul Vasconcellos Sr. remembers the good things.

"Paulie was he was just so soft-hearted," said Paul Vasconcellos, Sr., father.

On October 24, 2010.

40-year old Paul Vasconcellos Jr. was gunned down outside his Post Avenue home.

Police believe the home health aide was killed during a botched robbery.

"We haven't identified any witnesses to say they saw someone or give us a description or so and so with a name," said

Moments after Vasconcellos was shot, he was actually able to dial 911 from his cell phone and gave a brief description a man in a grey hooded sweatshirt.

Police say that hasn't been enough. Three years later, they still have few leads but lots of faith.

"We have had homicides in the past where several years have gone by and then someone steps forward and gives us information, so we are hoping at somepoint someone feels it in their heart to step forward and close this case out," said Chief Jim Sheppard, Rochester Police.

Paul's father isn't going to let people forget....

"I want to thank everyone and in memory of my son, he would have been a part of this," said Paul Vasconcellos Sr.

Hundreds of runners.

Joined the Push Yourself 5k Challenge at Ellison Park.

“I am hoping that it touches people's hearts. If they know something then come forward.” said Vasconcellos.

Honoring Paul Jr. who was a runner.

His sister Tricia ran for him and with him.

"Just like he was right on the side of me," said Tricia Pacheco, Paul's sister.

The hurt never leaves.

"People don't realize it unless they go through it," said Pacheco.

Tricia says Paul had a way of making time stand still.

But it's time that doesn't bring her brother back.

"I hope somebody gives us that glimmer of hope and that one step forward because it is like we are in a constant standstill, just waiting for that one little break," said Pacheco.

If you have any information, you are urged to contact Rochester Police.

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