Two-Year Old Pitbull Survives City Shooting, Ready For Adoption

Two-Year Old Pitbull Survives City Shooting, Ready For Adoption

Dumpling is getting used to life on three legs following shooting.

Violence in the city injures an two-year old dog.

That dog is now ready for adoption at Lollypop Farm.

"You want to get it?” asked Rebecca Lohnes, Behavior and Training Manager, Lollypop Farm.

Dumpling loves to play fetch like any other dog. It's just she does it on three legs now.

"Oh you like that one now," explained Lohnes as Dumpling grabs a different ball.

Dumpling is a staff favorite.

"It's definitely sad and it's one of the bad things about a job like this. You have to see cases like this,” said Lohnes.

On October 10, in the 100 block of Ackerman Avenue, Rochester Animal Control found Dumpling limping along.

A bullet tore through her right back leg. An owner was never found.

"She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in the incident :41:31 and luckily we were able to help her," said Adrienne McHargue, Lollypop Farm spokesperson.

She was transferred to Lollypop Farm

"I would describe her as sweet and shy and pretty cuddly," said Lohnes.

Her wound was so bad that vets were forced to amputate her leg on October 16.

It hasn't seem to slow her down.

“I think they tend to dwell on it less than people do, they tend to live in the moment," said Lohnes.

" I just love the fact that she is connecting with people despite what has happened in her life," said McHargue.

Dumpling is now ready to head home.

"I think the perfect match for her would be a quieter home with not a lot of traffic, a strong interest in training and patient and kind,” said Lohnes.

As of Thursday night, Lollypop Farm said Dumpling was put on hold for a family.

They have to see if other animals in the home will get along with the two-year old pit-bull mix.

If you would like to adopt another one of the pets at Lollypop Farm you can find that information here.

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