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Tysean Williams Laid To Rest

Family and friends remember the life of 15 year old Tysean Williams
A church full of people, proof that Tysean Williams was loved by many.
A promising young life, cut short November 6th, when Tysean was gunned down right in front of the woman who raised him, his grandmother.
He died defending her life, after two gunmen rang the doorbell and started shooting.
But today wasn't about death, it was about life.
Dozens of Tysean's classmates at Wheatland Chili High School spoke about him at the funeral, all of their words, the same.
Describing the 15 year old as a person who greatly impacted his fellow students.
His mother, Shuane says it's sad to see the life he will miss out on and the difference he could have made in the lives of others.
She wants this to be a message.
Shuane doesn't know why 18 year old Pedro Diaz and 22 year old Taiquan Elmore knocked on her son's door, or why it was Tysean who was killed.
Tysean's mother says even though Diaz and Elmore are off the streets, it doesn't bring her son back.
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