U of R Professor Considered For Nobel Prize

U of R Professor Considered For Nobel Prize

Dr. Carl Hagen could get the call of his career.
A professor at the University of Rochester will be waiting for an important phone call Tuesday morning.

Dr. Carl Hagen has taught at the University of Rochester for half a century.

He was drawn to Physics as a young man and now at 76, he could get the prize of a lifetime.

Dr. Hagen is one of five living physicists who is eligible for the Nobel Prize in Physics.
His 1964 work is on a theory about how particles get their mass, which was a missing link for the Big Bang Theory.

He has competition- two other papers were written on the same topic but he thinks his team's was the best.

"We are sometimes at a disadvantage saying yours was a little bit later than the other two, but it was the most complete and we were delighted because we were trying to make it the most complete," he said. "It would be truly a life-changing event."

Only three prizes can be awarded, even if there are five scientists eligible.
The official announcement will come at 5:45 a.m. Tuesday.
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