U of R Prof's Op-Ed on Science Denial Goes Viral

U of R Prof's Op-Ed on Science Denial Goes Viral

Adam Frank talked to News 8 about his column that struck a nerve.
A University of Rochester professor's op-ed in the New York Times has been widely debated since it was published on August 21. 

Adam Frank wrote about growing skepticism of science. He cited climate change and the refusal to get vaccinations. 

Frank wrote "...instead of sending my students into a world that celebrates the latest science has to offer, I am delivering them into a society ambivalent, even skeptical, about the fruits of science."

The article spent time as the New York Times' most-emailed story. It has more than 750 comments online.

Frank appeared on News 8 First at 4 to discuss his column. 

"I think the climate has changed about sicence because it's so pervasive in our lives. It's affecting so many things. The post-war bargain where basically politics left science alone to create things for the military or create things for our propserity, that bargain has been pushed aside now," said Frank. "Especially with something like climate change, the results of science seem to impinge upon what some people see as their political beliefs."

Frank also talked about the need for scientists to communicate their work and the need for more science education. To watch his interview, click on the video above.

Read Adam Frank's column.
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