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"Wally" Alvarez Remembered By Family And Friends

"Wally" Alvarez's life remembered by family and friends at the last place she was seen alive.
Family and friends met at the last place Wally Alvarez, 27, was seen alive- outside her home on Pullman Avenue.

One family member says he was walking toward the house yesterday and saw 26 year old Marcus Freeman shoot her in the head. Anna Rivera looked up to her cousin. Neighbors are relieved freeman is off the streets. Marcus Freeman had a reputation-- and a criminal history. One of the victims from Wednesday's shooting is related to a 12-year-old girl Freeman is accused of raping in March. He was indicted and was out on bond. Freeman was also shot on May 30th on Pullman Avenue. Previously, he spent three and a half years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon and was released in 2011. Police got help finding freeman in a home on second street. RPD thinks Freeman had been hiding in the house since the shootings.

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