Warren Hires Uncle for First-Ever Security Detail

Warren Hires Uncle for First-Ever Security Detail

Reggie Hill is a retired state trooper.
Lovely Warren has become the first Rochester mayor to have a security detail. The detail is headed by her uncle, Reggie Hill.

Hill is married to Warren's aunt and is a retired state trooper. He served on the security details for three state governors, according to Warren spokesperson, Christine Christopher. She said Warren was not available for an on-camera interview.

"Lovely has many uncles. She has many cousins. I have many uncles. I have many cousins.  We all do," Christopher said. "But what's important is whether or not the person can do the job, and it's hard to believe there would be anyone better qualified than Reggie Hill for this job."

The detail will have two members, Hill and Caesar Carbonell, who worked at Kodak for decades providing security to CEOs.

Hill is earning $80,186 as Director of Executive Services. Carbonell will earn $61,128. They will not get paid overtime and be on call 24-7. Hill would need a waiver from the state to earn more than $30,000 a year in addition to his pension. He has nearly 29 years in the system. The state says his retirement goes into effect on January 9 and it has not yet calculated his payments.

While it's common in other cities for mayors to have security teams, Rochester mayors have not had had such a detail. Bill Johnson drove himself to virtually all events. Robert Duffy and Tom Richards sometimes had a member of security staff at City Hall drive them to events. 

The mayor of Syracuse has one security officer assigned and the position rotates. The person does not work overtime or accompany her to evening events.

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks has no security detail.  

Christopher said former police chief Jim Sheppard made the security recommendation. It would be too expensive to have police officers perform the service.

"It's not in everyone's family you're going to find someone with the qualifications Reggie Hill has," Christopher said. "Whether he was related to her or not related to her, I'm quite certain that he would have been the number one person looked at for the job."
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