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Water Authority Opens New Webster Treatment Plant

The Monroe County Water Authority opens a second water treatment plant in Webster.
It's taken decades of planning and 3 1/2 years for construction.
The project cost $150 million dollars and was partially paid for with federal stimulus funding and other grants.
Monroe County now has a second water treatment plant.
"It is going to enhance the ability to produce more water and looking ahead it gives us a redundant source of water if there is a shutdown with our Shoremont plant. It gives us the ability to look ahead for more customers ," said Nicholas Noce, Monroe County Water Authority Executive Director.
It is a state of the art facility that will pump out $25 to $35 million gallons of water per day.
Only one operator is needed - and sometimes only remotely.
"There is not a lot of cost associated with running the plant, so operationally it's much more efficient than our current plant," said
There are about 4 miles of underground pipeline running from Lake Ontario to the plant.
In 2011, a construction worker died when a small locomotive ran over him during work of those underground tunnels.
OSHA later gave approval to restart work.
Once the water makes its way to the plant, it is purified and filtered using carbon and sand.
"Water is collected and in filtration what you want is very uniformed flow," explained Richard Metzger, executive engineer.
Chlorine and fluoride are then added to the water before it's ready to be pumped to homes and businesses.
"This is good water, you bet, like all Monroe County residents receive," said
Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks says it not only will give residents safe drinking water - but it makes the region secure.
"If something had happened at Shoremont we would not have had the capacity to meet the need in the region, that is a very scary thing. So we are prepared for the future," said Maggie Brooks, (R) Monroe County Executive.
The other plans are to use the new plant as a draw for new businesses to the region.
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