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Wayne County Superintendents Fight To Keep Sales Tax Revenue

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors held a special meeting Wednesday to discuss the possibility of taking back sales tax revenue.

School administrators from across Wayne County converged at a special meeting with the County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday.

They pleaded their case to keep $5.4 million in shared sales tax revenue.

This is revenue that started in the 1960's and was later capped in the 1990's.

"It can't have it just toppled and that is what this is going to do. Each one of you hold that key," said Laurie Verbridge, Wayne Co. Educational Coalition Chair.

Red Creek Central School Superintendent David Sholes said school taxes would spike anywhere from 4 to 16-percent.

He said the county has a balanced budget for 2013 which still includes the revenue sharing.

"Unfortunately schools won't be able to do the same without substantial state aid increases or cuts, taking sales tax away exacerbates the problem," said Dave Sholes, Red Creek Central School District Superintendent.

Ontario Town Supervisor Bob Kelsch brought the idea up just before he leaves office at the beginning of the year.

He says the county or towns can do more good with the money.

"What I want is the best answer. I want the best solution not only for the county but for my grandkids. My grandkids go to Wayne Central. I want there to be a good school," said Bob Kelsch, (R) Ontario Town Supervisor.

Supervisor Bob Kelsch says he is crafting legislation to propose at the next finance committee meeting.

It's unclear what will happen with that legislation.

"Where would the sales tax revenue do the most good, that is a matter of opinion. The school districts have one opinion. Some members of the board, some of them have a different opinion. I think we will have to leave it up to the finance committee to see what develops, " said Bob Hoffman, (R) Wayne County Board of Supervisors Chairman.

But superintendents had this to say.

"My advice today is please leave the money where it is and let's have a discussion next year or after this point about what to do going forward," Shawn Van Scoy, Gananda Superintendent.

This legislation would have to make it to the full board before it's last meeting to be approved by the current Wayne County Board of Supervisors.

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