Web Extra: Addiction

Web Extra: Addiction

Three inmates at the Monroe County Correctional Facility shared their stories of addiction with News 8's Vanessa Herring. They did not want to be identified.
"It can happen to anybody," said John Doe, "you know I was a normal kid, normal family, more of an upper class family, not rich, but not poor, well to do."

John grew up in Greece, and started his own painting business in his 20's.  He eventually started experiencing knee pain from bending and kneeling on painting jobs.  John got a prescription for Vicodin to curb the pain and he got hooked on the pain killer, "it just started off with me working, something that was positive, and choices, my choices really effected that," explained John.

Jane Doe is from Henrietta.  Her mother was addicted to Heroin until she was 12, and her great grandparents raised her in New Jersey.  When Jane's mother got sober, she moved to Rochester to live with her, "for the longest time I said I would never do it," said Jane, "and then after the fact I look back and I said, you know, I couldn't believe that was me, and it happened so fast."

Jane started using heroin regularly to bring her down from cocaine highs.  Eventually, Jane says her heroin addiction became powerful, "for a long time I think my pride got in the way and I didn't want to ask for help," said Jane, "I was different, I was smarter, I was stronger, I was different I was that one person that everyone talked about, I just thought I was different, and as far as addiction and recovery is concerned I'm not different and I don't want to die. "

Joe Doe is from Penfield and started using prescription drugs while partying with friends.  Eventually, he couldn't afford them, and turned to heroin, "it was pretty bad I had no reason to get up in the morning except to get high," said Joe, "it was the only reason to get up, and then to go back to sleep right afterwards because then I was able to sleep, I just had no reason to be alive."

John has a message for those who might be exploring drugs, "I employ anyone that wants to go on heroin or is starting off on Vicodin and thinks that just for that feeling that heroin gives you, it's not worth it, I can tell you that, it's not worth it. "
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