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Web Extra: Bank Robbery

25 Year Old Michael VanAalst says his arrest for robbing a bank saved his life.
"I was partying for like a week straight, not really sleeping, I was just on a lot of drugs," explained VanAalst, "and I don't know the next thing I remember is I was like enough is enough, and I just remember marching down to the bank, walked in, demanded cash and I fled."

VanAalst says he wasn't angry when he was taken in to police custody, "I think it was meant to happen," explained VanAalst, "like the day that I robbed the bank, I don't really remember why, but it was almost like something was driving me to do it, I don't know what it was but I believe that happened for a reason."

VanAalst credits his arrest for getting him on the road to sobriety, "I was sitting in my jail cell and I almost felt at peace I felt like the fight was over," explained VanAalst, "knowing that it's over, the fight's over with drugs and alcohol no matter what happens to, me if I go away for ten years or whatever, but I just felt great sitting in a jail cell knowing I had a choice that I could stop now. "

VanAalst hasn't used prescription drugs or alcohol since his arrest.
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