Web Extra: Heroin Overdose

Web Extra: Heroin Overdose

Joe Doe is an inmate at the Monroe County Correctional Facility in Henrietta and didn't want to be identified. Joe says he overdosed twice on heroin.
The first time Joe overdosed he was at a friend's house, "I went upstairs and did some heroin by myself and then next thing I know I woke up on the floor with EMTs over me," said Joe.

Joe says his friends found him having a seizure on the floor, "the EMTs woke me up and I was mad at the EMTs, I was trying to fight them, I was telling them to leave, and they forced me to go to the hospital," explained Joe, "and when I was in the hospital they kept telling me I'm really lucky to be alive."

Bryan Gargano is an emergency room physician at Rochester General Hospital.  Dr. Gargano says heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs, "an overdose is immediately followed by cessation of breathing, you stop breathing, go unconscious," explained Dr. Gargano, "and that's when, unfortunately, I see them."

Dr. Gargano says overdose outcomes vary, "sometimes we can re start their heart, in some cases we can restart their heart but they haven't been breathing so long that they're brain dead because their brain doesn't have enough oxygen, and in several unfortunate cases we've seen we couldn't get their hearts restarted."

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