Web Extra: Moving Forward

Web Extra: Moving Forward

Three inmates at the Monroe County Correctional Facility shared their stories of recovery from addiction with News 8's Vanessa Herring. They did not want to be identified.
Half the participants in the Monroe County Correctional Facility's Chemical Dependency Program make it, half are arrested again within a year of their release.

Jane Doe is hoping to go back to school and help people struggling with addiction, "I don't want my family to be ashamed of me anymore, I want them to be proud of me," said Jane, "and I just want people to know that they don't have to live out there hurting themselves and other people."

John Doe says the counseling sessions in the facility have taught him how important purpose is in life, "there has got to be something better than that you know, better than drugs, better than all that," said John, "I'm really starting to look at different options and choices and keeping an open mind."

Joe Doe is hoping to renew his certification in personal training upon his release.  He also wants to go back to school to become a dietitian and nutritionist, "I just want to be able to help myself and help other people," said Joe, "and be a brother to my sister be a son to my father you know what I mean I want to be around for my family and for my friends."

Craig Johnson is the director of the Chemical Dependency Program at the Monroe County Correctional Facility, "we certainly see many many people restored to full levels of functioning, which from our standpoint is not getting arrested and coming back to jail," said Johnson.

He says there are many treatments that can help addicts on the road to sobriety, "the prognosis for recovery is really pretty good, back when heroin was a problem in the past we at times would think oh we can't treat this, it's too unwieldy a drug, the addiction is too powerful, but today there are many different methods of treatment including some medical treatments along with therapy and other things," said Johnson.

Jane Doe wants to beat the odds, "what I want for myself is a future, a bright future," said Jane, "I mean I know it's out there, I know that I deserve better than I have been giving myself."
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