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Web Wakeup: December 31st

The top stories trending online.
Hollywood is on track to reach another record year. The movie industry is expected to make $10.9 billion this year, squeaking past last year's record of $10.8 million. That is partly due to inflation and higher priced 3D and IMAX ticket sales, as well as having blockbuster movies like "Iron Man 3," "Man of Steel," and "Hunger Games: Catching Fire." 

Beyonce is facing a backlash over an audio clip in her new song "XO." The six second clip features a former NASA public affairs officer talking about the Challenger tragedy. In a statement to ABC News, Beyonce says the clip was used as a tribute to the Challenger crew with the hop that they will never be forgotten. However, some fans and NASA employees and family members are calling it "insensitive." The space shuttle exploded shortly after lift-off in 1986. 
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