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Web Wakeup: December 9th

The stop stories trending online.
"Heart" is the latest band to cancel a performance at Seaworld because of the controversial CNN documentary "Blackfish." The film raises questions about safety and the humanity of whales in captivity. It profiles a 12,000 pound orca who has killed three people, including a Seaworld trainer. Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies have also canceled performances at the park. 

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has Aspberger's. She made the revelation in Sunday's edition of the Observer newspaper. Boyle says as a child she was told she had brain damage. It was not until just last year she went to a specialist and learned it was Aspberger's, a high-functioning form of autism. Boyle told the newspaper she hopes this announcement will lead people to treat her with a better understanding. 
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