Why ROC: eHealth Technologies

Why ROC: eHealth Technologies

Rochester based eHealth Technologies is helping medical providers improve the quality of patient care.
Rochester based eHealth Technologies is helping medical providers improve the quality of patients care.

Ken Rosenfeld, President and Chief Technology Officer of eHealth Technologies, and Mike Margiotta, the company's Chairman and CEO, discussed how eHealth Technologies delivers its services Wednesday morning in our Why ROC segment on News 8 at Sunrise.

Margiotta said eHealth Technologies provides services that streamline and improve patient's transitions of care - particularly when they are referred to major academic and regional medical centers like the University of Rochester Medical Center.  If a patient is diagnosed with cancer, the last thing they want to worry about is how to get all the medical history that may be scattered around the region into one location.  In addition, they also don't want radiation from another CT exam if there is a similar CT exam that was already performed.

Rosenfeld said the company's services are tailored around faster access to outside medical records with delivery of digital information, efficient electronic communication between referring physicians and larger institutions, online submissions of referrals, specialization in streamlining the digital sharing of medical images between facilities and valuable reporting on the referral process.

Hospitals purchase eHealth's services to improve patient care by removing the record management burden from patients and ensuring complete information is in their clinicians hands quickly.  These services help lower the cost of healthcare by creating efficiencies and avoiding unneccessary duplication.

Margiotta was inspired to start eHealth when he observed a surgeon at URMC unable to locate images he needed.  The company started in Margiotta's basement in 2005, with Rosenfeld joining from Kodak the next year.  From four employees, the company has grown to over 110 today.  Over half of the top 100 hospitals in the country are customers.  Ground has been broken on a new building to house eHealth starting in 2014 to accomodate the growth.  The company will soon expand to international customers.

Rosenfeld said Rochester's collaborative and community nature for promoting entrepreneurship was a big help to eHealth Technologies.  He cited the company's ability to work with the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization, which shares health information securely across the community.  Rosenfeld added that employment challenges at places like Kodak and Bausch + Lomb has allowed eHealth to leverage the local workforce and grow a great company.

For more information about eHealth Technologies, click here.   
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