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Wilmorite Proposes Casino In Seneca Co.

The company that owns all of Rochester's local malls is now looking to get into the gaming business.
The company that owns all of Rochester's local malls is now looking to get into the gaming business. 

Wilmorite plans to build a hotel, spa and casino in the town of Tyre in Seneca County. It is just off the Thruway. The development comes after New Yorkers approved an amendment to the state constitution, allowing for up to seven new casinos- four of them upstate. Tyre is a small town. According to the 2010 census, less than 1,000 people live there. Seneca County leaders say the casino would breathe new life into the area. Slipping off to Seneca County could be a lot more appealing in a few years.

"You're going to see a very large, 300,000 foot footprint with pretty much a traditional casino but with a design that tries to incorporate a wine theme. So you'll see a lot of natural stone, natural wood; it'll be rather subdued compared to what you see in Las Vegas," Wilmorite chairman Tom Wilmot said. 

Wilmorite will build its $350 million casino, resort and spa on a massive plot of land in the town of Tyre. Wilmorite worked with the community to come up with the theme for the Wilmot Hotel and Casino. 

"In discussions with the Tyre and Seneca communities they definitely wanted something that emphasized their commitment to agriculture and to the wine industry," Wilmot said.

Seneca County leaders are hoping the casino will help boost tourism the area.

"We have so much here. This helps showcase Seneca County to the Finger Lakes for both our Seneca Falls, and the Women's Historic Rights, for the wine industry. Right down the road from this location that they've chosen is the Finger Lakes Outlet Center, so the whole area is going to blossom," County Board of Supervisors Majority Leader Robert Shipley said.

Wilmorite plans to hire 1,800 people and maintain a $50 million annual payroll. The company plans to hire local talent and reach out to people in Rochester and Syracuse for jobs. They plan to promote, feature and sell local products. 

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