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Zweigle's Looks To Grow

Zweigle's is a Rochester success story and continues to find ways to grow after 133 years.
When you are talking hots in Rochester, there is one brand most people turn to.
"I feel very proud being able to carry on the Zweigle tradition here in Rochester, knowing it was something my great-great-grandparents Wilhelm and Josephine started back in 1880"
Julie Camardo-Steron is Zweigle's president. It's a post she plans to pass on.
"It's very personal so my goal is to try to ensure that the company is here and continues into my 6th generation," said Julie Camardo-Steron, President of Zweigle's.
On Thursday, Julie gave State Senator Ted O'Brien an inside look at operations.
New York State is working to promote New York foods.
"I couldn't leave NY because this is where Zweigle's is known and the place that people are going to be supportive of the Zweigle's name and brand," said Camardo-Steron.
Zweigle's can produce anywhere from 30,000 to 32,000 pounds of sausage and hot dogs every day.
But Zweigle's has its eye on different markets.
It knows others are hot on the dog market - but they want to be different.
"In terms of competition when we are going into the markets outside of Rochester, we don't focus on those core hot dogs which we are known for. We will look to our classic sausage, our Italian sausage, polish sausage," said Camardo-Steron.
Zweigle's says it wants companies to use their sausage in other products and it wants to expand under private labels.
It already works with Wegmans and has a frozen food line ready for shelves.
"You would have though developed pig in a blanket years ago but we didn't," said Camardo-Steron.
Julie says its growth won't come with a cost.
"Quality hands down. [We've] been around for 133 years and if  it was not a quality product, I believe we would not still be here today," said Camardo-Steron.
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